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Shapiro Properties, LLC was established in 2003 as as a privately owned, real estate firm involved in developing, acquiring, leasing, and managing commercial real estate as well as providing extensive investment management and advisory services. We provide the highest level of quality, service and value to our clients and investors.


With headquarters in the bustling heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee, we have dedicated over two decades to transforming cities, building communities, and forging lasting relationships within the commercial sector.



Our Experience: With projects completed in several southeastern states and encompassing a diverse array of projects including office, retail, QSR, and medical developments, our experience is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our adaptability to the changing dynamics of the real estate markets that we serve. 


Our Vision: As we look to the horizon, Shapiro Properties is poised to explore uncharted territories within the realm of commercial real estate.

Founding and Early Years


Shapiro Properties was founded in 2003 by Micah Shapiro, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for real estate development. Originally founded in Valdosta, GA, the company began as a small firm with a focus on developing commercial properties in emerging neighborhoods. Shapiro’s keen eye for potential and commitment to quality quickly set Shapiro Properties apart in a competitive industry.


In the early years, the company’s portfolio grew steadily, consisting primarily of retail spaces and small office buildings. A significant breakthrough came in 2007 when Shapiro Properties successfully completed the development of North Ashley Professional Center Ashley Square into a high-end multi unit commercial office space in the growing market of Valdosta, GA.


Expansion and Diversification 


The late  marked a period of rapid expansion for Shapiro Properties. The company extended its reach beyond Valdosta, undertaking projects in major cities like Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa (Askand the Southeast United States. Micah for other highlights. 


This era also saw Shapiro Properties diversifying its portfolio to include larger projects such as shopping centers, luxury commercial complexes, and retail locations for several national brands. including DQ (Ask Micah for others) The company gained a reputation for its sustainable building practices and innovative use of technology in property management.


The early 2000s presented new challenges, most notably the 2008 financial crisis, which had a profound impact on the real estate sector. Shapiro Properties, however, demonstrated remarkable resilience. Under Micah’s Shapiro’s leadership, the company adapted its strategies, focusing on value-driven projects and strengthening relationships with investors and clients.


Recent Achievements and Future Outlook 


In recent years, Shapiro Properties has continued to innovate and lead in the commercial real estate sector. The company has been at the forefront of incorporating green building practices and smart technology into its developments, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and modernity.


In 2023, Shapiro Properties celebrated its 20th anniversary with the opening of the “Shapiro Tower” in New York City, a state-of-the-art office complex that symbolizes the company’s journey and success. Today, the company remains family-owned, with Micah Shapiro serving as Chairman and CEO. 


Looking ahead, Shapiro Properties is poised to continue its legacy of excellence. The company is actively exploring opportunities in emerging markets and is committed to contributing to the communities it serves through responsible development practices.


As Shapiro Properties moves forward, it upholds its founding principles of quality, integrity, and innovation, ensuring its continued success and impact in the world of commercial real estate.



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