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Micah Shapiro is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of commercial real estate experience in new project development, redevelopment of aging assets, project management, asset management, and leasing. His creative ability to match client needs with opportunities has resulted in numerous projects throughout the US. Specializing in retail and mixed-use development, Shapiro also carries strong experience in site design & entitlements, public/private partnerships, urban renewal, strategic market analysis, site selection, contract negotiation, and site acquisition.


For two decades, Micah Shapiro has been an influential figure in the U.S. commercial real estate landscape. Beginning his career in Atlanta, Georgia, Micah quickly established himself as a visionary, bringing transformative developments to skylines across the nation. 


His projects, which range from special purpose office and industrial projects to expansive multi-tenant retail centers is a testament to Shapiro’s unparalleled expertise and commitment to architectural excellence.


Micah’s reputation is built not just on the aesthetics of his developments, but also on their functionality and sustainability. A firm believer in green building practices, he has consistently integrated eco-friendly technologies into his projects, setting new standards for sustainable commercial real estate.


Beyond brick and mortar, Micah is renowned for his keen business acumen. His ability to forecast market trends, combined with a collaborative approach, has earned him trust and partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry.



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