Micah Shapiro, President & CEO

With real estate experience beginning while obtaining a BBA in Economics at Georgia State University in the commercial division of King Industrial Realty, Inc. (Atlanta).  Micah Shapiro had already been involved in the brokerage of over $50 million dollars before returning to Valdosta.

As a broker, Shapiro formed Shapiro Properties, LLC and has already become a principal and an integral part of the development, management and marketing of North Ashley Professional Center, a 34,000 square foot office condo development and North Ashley Center, a mixed-use 31,000 square foot development.   

Both Developments are on the 7.5 acres of the former Dodge car/truck site which Shapiro played a major part in acquiring for the development entity, North Ashley Ventures, LLC.

Throughout a successful career which his youth, knowledge and enthusiasm will allow him to extend far into Valdosta's future.  Shapiro has been able to gain exceptional and early depth knowledge of commercial real estate development by seeking out partners with those developments in which he's been involved. Email Micah mshapiro@shapiroproperties.com 


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